Monday, August 30, 2010

Thought for Today

 "Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes."
-Peter Drucker

C'mon frenz, Letz grab it!

Welcome to Cognizant's Board Room - Smart Business Plan Contest, 2010
Every good business thrives on two factors: innovative ideas and a robust business model. Cognizant has always believed in fostering a spirit of Innovation and entrepreneurship within the organization―a key attribute for our success.
The Board Room contest, which made its debut in 2007, aims to promote the same spirit across B-Schools by providing a unique opportunity to budding management grads and introduce them to various flavors of the corporate world. Cognizant will also seriously consider incubating the winning idea within the organization by setting up a core team. The winning team will also have the option of being a part of this initiative! 
Not just that, the participants also get a chance to be mentored by Cognizant Business Consulting Managers during the process apart from getting opportunities to network with the senior leadership of Cognizant. In its fourth edition of Board Room this year, the contest comprises three phases to help teams develop their plans in collaborative as well as competitive environments. These phases are as follows:
Phase IRegistration and Executive Summary: To compete in the Smart
Business Plan Contest, the teams will need to register and submit a
short Executive Summary of their business proposal for Cognizant.
Phase IISemifinals: The Top 12 teams in Phase I will advance to the contest's
semifinals. Each team will be mentored by a Cognizant Business
Consulting Manager and will submit an updated Executive Summary of
the business plan for evaluation by the judges. The teams will also get
to present their plan to the Cognizant judges in the respective locations
(either face-to-face or through videoconferencing).
Phase IIIFinals: The top 4 teams short-listed at the end of Phase II will advance to
the contest finals, where they will present their idea to the Senior Leadership
of Cognizant and get an opportunity to win the big prize.
Cash Prizes indicated above are pre-tax amounts and will be subjected to applicable and
appropriate tax deductions before payout.
Acceptable Business Plans

Board Room 2010 encourages the participants to get creative; propose new business avenues for Cognizant, and draw up a Comprehensive Business Plan on what Cognizant’s next move should be. Students are free to choose one of the topics given below and identify any growth opportunities for Cognizant, with both conventional and unconventional plans being eligible. This may include:
  • Developing a IT consulting model suitable for India / APAC / EMEA
  • Creating a co-innovation network with clients and partners
  • Strategies to better market Consulting services
  • Delinking Revenue growth with Headcount: Strategies for IT Service providers
  • Catering to multilingual markets - developing a new business model (Focus on Europe / Japan / South America / MEA etc)
  • IT Services battlefield of tomorrow: Creating sustainable competitive advantage